Monday, 28 January 2008

a new way of advertise ...

Since few days ago, the people who walks in Prince Street, Sojo, NY, can hear clearly a voice whispering : "Who's there? Who's There? It's not your imagination" ... If after the fright they still have some energy to look up, they'll see a huge poster that announces the new tv show "Paranormal State". It's everything a publicity campaign organized by the company holosonics, who's done a device able to make the people to listen a voice in a individual way, like if someone talks from inside your head. This technology is called audio spotlight, that creates sound in a narrow beam and aiming the waves till the desired person allows him to be the only one who listens the message. It's the first time that this technology is used for publicity, and of course, there have been already some critics in the US, cuz the messages are an imposition and the subject can't choose to listen or not. From now on, if someones whispers into your ears, and there is no one, calm , it's an advertisement (It's not your imagination)

Altought it can be used in a nice way too!

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