Wednesday, 12 December 2007

mErrY ChRIstMAs and HaaaPPY NeW yEAr!!!!

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Friday, 7 December 2007

A bit of technology...

Hiya my chums!
Hard week but it's finally Friday (yeahhhh!!!) Today new gadgets.
A leopard that doesn't bite. Leopard is the sixth version of the operative system Mac OS X with around 300 new characteristics. I think the most amazing is the time machine. Have a look to the guided tour. Don't get why we are still using And check the new imac... superb!
Home cinema. The new Epson projector range is convincing. According to the quality-price rate I recommend the EMP-TWD10, with HD Ready, dvd-reader and USB for the memory stick. It's very complete and even has an 80 inches screen. Cons: it's quite big, costs £899 and it's noisy.
There are studies showing that we wake up tired and bad-tempered and phillips says is cuz we don't use the proper alarm o'clock. They've got one, the Wake-Up Light (£75) that simulates the sunrise adding the birds cry, waves or radio. Sleep tight.
And finally ... something about the Wii. Can you guess which game are these ladies playing?? wii (link updated!!!!)

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Saturday, 1 December 2007

Gettin' out of the closet

The PLCI is the new born political party in Barcelona that pretends to claim, mainly, the rights of the gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexual (GLBT).The PLCI does not define itself ideologically "neither from left, nor from right, nor from center", but overall wants "to defense the rights of the GLBT". What next then?? The immigrants, the unemployed, the rich, the cripples! Aren't the gays normal people? Can't a lesbian belong to a left party? I think it's a separatism nonsense. They are really getting out of the closet!!! And talking about getting out of the closet, comes to my mind the south park episode (Trapped in the closet, masterpiece!), that brings me to the new movie Valkyrie: ambiented in the Germany of the II war world, relates the Valkyria operation, whose objective was to kill Adolf Hitler. Btw, Germany doesn't like much Tommy as being the one to relate part of its history (no doubt!), raising many objections to hand over some emblematic places for the film.
And coming soon (unbelivable!) Terminator .... 4! (Still squeezing the orange!) They are preparing a new trilogy. Three movies that set off from the moment where starts the war between robots and humans. After the magnificent T1 and T2, and the mediocre T3, the new John Connor is played by Christian Bale.

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Thursday, 29 November 2007

Modern paradox

Forbes published the list of the 13 top-earning dead celebrities in the last 12 months. Between October 2006 and October 2007 to be more exact. These 13 dead persons have earned 232 million of dollars can be a paradox, but it isn't. It responses to the logic of our modern times. It's what happens, for example, with the mobiles; they are used less for speaking and more for writing, listen music, watch tv or surf in internet. And if the sms is the minimum epistle, the traditional mail has become stronger thanks to the electronic one! The electronic mail hasn't killed the traditional one! Many citizens had never spent so much money in post since they buy books, cd or anything else via the website. This is how, the Alive dedicated to the most diverse creative activities observe how difficult is to earn a deserving salary. Paradox?

Anyway, it's almost weekend. Here go a couple of links for general culture :D How well do you know the world?

And the last one. Do we have any physicists in the audience?


Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Cybernetic democracy

The confidence in the immediate data obtaining and the unlimited possibility of getting and searching for information has made us confident and has given us the feeling that we can know everything immediately, and it doesn't make much sense to learn everything by heart, cuz everything is on the web and we can have at one's disposal anytime; impression lately accentuated by the latest generation mobiles, connected all the time to Internet: in the pocket there is the key for the whole of all the useful informations. I think is in the The Phaedrus where Plato, objects to the art of writing, cuz it is a remedy for reminding, not remembering. The writing, like Internet, is a technology, and like someone else said, all the inventions produced by the men are nothing that organs, other ways of giving form to our forms, appendices to our senses. That is to say that the invention of the car is nothing else than another legs, nothing else than another eyes, etc,; then the books and Internet are representations of the memory, faster and more exact artificial brains than our impetuous minds. Anyone remember how to solve a square root with paper and pencil?? (it's a primary school issue!) I DON'T!! What for if we have calculators!!

SAPO's philosophic side.

Now there is no excuse! Who does not use protection can't complain about its price.

A great video! Live street fighter (+10)!

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Japan always ahead!

My girlfriend always tells me "If you wanna get rich build a robot to help in the house work"... I just thought that it's impossible right now with the actual technology (That's another post topic) My chums! the Japanese just nailed it! They have created such an awesome robot... (Visit the demonstration section with some nice videos)... SAPO

40 lashes for a toy's name!!

I have no words for this. I have nothing against other religions, in fact I don't believe in any religion, since I'm a scientist, and I need to see it to believe it. I just read this news and I can't believe it. Someone might think that we have to respect other religions, and all this bullcrap. But guys, "I just don't get it", as Stan said in South Park, when he tried to apologise to Token when Stan's dad said in the wheel of fortune that are the niggers (and not naggers) "people who annoys you" (By the way, in my opinion one of the best episodes of this awesome tv show). We have just to take it easy and laugh about it instead of lashing each other's ass.


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