Thursday, 29 November 2007

Modern paradox

Forbes published the list of the 13 top-earning dead celebrities in the last 12 months. Between October 2006 and October 2007 to be more exact. These 13 dead persons have earned 232 million of dollars can be a paradox, but it isn't. It responses to the logic of our modern times. It's what happens, for example, with the mobiles; they are used less for speaking and more for writing, listen music, watch tv or surf in internet. And if the sms is the minimum epistle, the traditional mail has become stronger thanks to the electronic one! The electronic mail hasn't killed the traditional one! Many citizens had never spent so much money in post since they buy books, cd or anything else via the website. This is how, the Alive dedicated to the most diverse creative activities observe how difficult is to earn a deserving salary. Paradox?

Anyway, it's almost weekend. Here go a couple of links for general culture :D How well do you know the world?

And the last one. Do we have any physicists in the audience?


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