Wednesday, 19 March 2008

about rankings...

I have discovered the website. Here goes a selection of the best rankings:

- What is the best actual tv-show? 1st-Lost, 2nd-Dr.House, 3rd-Prison Break
- Who is the best ever football player? 1st-Maradona, 2nd- Zidane, 3rd-Di Stefano (Just unbelivably Pele is the 4th!)
- Who's the favorite to win the champions league? 1st-Barcelona Uuuups 2nd-Milan?? or 6th-Madrid?? I don't think so!

And other interesting things...
- Did you know that the smallest note ever produced is 10 bani note emitted by Romania in 1917. It's size was 27,5 x 38 mm.
- Did you know that Lucky Diamond Rich is the most tatooed person on the world with more than 1000 hours of work...lOl!

And finally some funny videos. Slide. 0 points. Kanye hands. Small amy. Foster farms.