Saturday, 1 December 2007

Gettin' out of the closet

The PLCI is the new born political party in Barcelona that pretends to claim, mainly, the rights of the gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexual (GLBT).The PLCI does not define itself ideologically "neither from left, nor from right, nor from center", but overall wants "to defense the rights of the GLBT". What next then?? The immigrants, the unemployed, the rich, the cripples! Aren't the gays normal people? Can't a lesbian belong to a left party? I think it's a separatism nonsense. They are really getting out of the closet!!! And talking about getting out of the closet, comes to my mind the south park episode (Trapped in the closet, masterpiece!), that brings me to the new movie Valkyrie: ambiented in the Germany of the II war world, relates the Valkyria operation, whose objective was to kill Adolf Hitler. Btw, Germany doesn't like much Tommy as being the one to relate part of its history (no doubt!), raising many objections to hand over some emblematic places for the film.
And coming soon (unbelivable!) Terminator .... 4! (Still squeezing the orange!) They are preparing a new trilogy. Three movies that set off from the moment where starts the war between robots and humans. After the magnificent T1 and T2, and the mediocre T3, the new John Connor is played by Christian Bale.

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