Friday, 7 December 2007

A bit of technology...

Hiya my chums!
Hard week but it's finally Friday (yeahhhh!!!) Today new gadgets.
A leopard that doesn't bite. Leopard is the sixth version of the operative system Mac OS X with around 300 new characteristics. I think the most amazing is the time machine. Have a look to the guided tour. Don't get why we are still using And check the new imac... superb!
Home cinema. The new Epson projector range is convincing. According to the quality-price rate I recommend the EMP-TWD10, with HD Ready, dvd-reader and USB for the memory stick. It's very complete and even has an 80 inches screen. Cons: it's quite big, costs £899 and it's noisy.
There are studies showing that we wake up tired and bad-tempered and phillips says is cuz we don't use the proper alarm o'clock. They've got one, the Wake-Up Light (£75) that simulates the sunrise adding the birds cry, waves or radio. Sleep tight.
And finally ... something about the Wii. Can you guess which game are these ladies playing?? wii (link updated!!!!)

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