Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Cybernetic democracy

The confidence in the immediate data obtaining and the unlimited possibility of getting and searching for information has made us confident and has given us the feeling that we can know everything immediately, and it doesn't make much sense to learn everything by heart, cuz everything is on the web and we can have at one's disposal anytime; impression lately accentuated by the latest generation mobiles, connected all the time to Internet: in the pocket there is the key for the whole of all the useful informations. I think is in the The Phaedrus where Plato, objects to the art of writing, cuz it is a remedy for reminding, not remembering. The writing, like Internet, is a technology, and like someone else said, all the inventions produced by the men are nothing that organs, other ways of giving form to our forms, appendices to our senses. That is to say that the invention of the car is nothing else than another legs, nothing else than another eyes, etc,; then the books and Internet are representations of the memory, faster and more exact artificial brains than our impetuous minds. Anyone remember how to solve a square root with paper and pencil?? (it's a primary school issue!) I DON'T!! What for if we have calculators!!

SAPO's philosophic side.

Now there is no excuse! Who does not use protection can't complain about its price.

A great video! Live street fighter (+10)!

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