Sunday, 20 January 2008

The movies...

I have gone to the pictures this week, and has been quite disappointing. The first one was "The Golden Compass" (I know, a bit late!). Maybe I was expecting too much. Daniel Craig barely appears in the movie, the Church is called the Magisterium, I prefer Nikole Kidman acting as a good sweety girl, but I have to say that Sam Elliot makes a brilliant contribution and the special effects are acceptable. It's more like a movie for children when was suppose to be the new lord of the rings trilogy. Let's hope that the second part will be better. The other disappointing movie I have seen is "Aliens vs Predator - Requiem". As always there is no plot and no sense in most of the movie. They need more than half movie to kill the first alien, and then in the end they kill a bunch of them! The only good point was to see children and pregnant women being attacked by the aliens, usually in these sort of movies they never die :)

Three promising coming movies are "Perfect Creature", "The Jumper" and "Cloverfield". The latter one written by Drew Goddard, who also wrote Lost (thumbs up) and Buffy (oh goosh!). The Jumper, by Doug Liman (The Bourne Ultimatum, Mr and Mrs Smith), looks like a watchable movie, but I'm guessing is an american happy ending movie :P And finally another vampires movie, Perfect Creature, still squeezing the orange... sort of vampire bending space-time as Hiro Nakamura.
Here goes a video of Phillip Pullman talking about Religion and Theology. but I think the best is to read his website and his opinion about Religion.

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