Friday, 18 January 2008

BAck, Back, back ...

Long holidays this Christmas ... lOl ... and plenty promises for this new year. Let's see how the new year treat us!
Amazing things happening so far:
Amazing num.1 : Yesterday, in the the news, emergency landing of the British Airways Boeing 777 in Heathrow airport! And unbelivable was to hear a passenger saying "We thought it was just a bumpy landing". By the way, the plane came from Beijing, my next destination, cross fingers...
Amazing num. 2: To read Hilary Clinton comments about Bill : " I never doubted Bill's love". How someone can be so ignorant? Well, it is a candidate to the US presidency, what did you expect?
Amazing num. 3: Fashion. It keeps surprising me (look a the picture). Many people would say that is art, is cool, new stuff ... sorry, who is gonna dress like a transparent strawberry candy?

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