Monday, 4 February 2008

walk vs wait

For decades the humanity is debating the dilemma of to wait for the bus or to start walking those times that you have the feeling that the transport public won´t ever come ... Is it better wait or walk? How long do we have to wait? Depends on the distance? On the bus frequency? ... A group of scientist have found the solution. A study called Walk vs Wait, confirms that the best mathematic strategy is ( drums!!! ) ... WAIT! According to them this theory it works most of the times, excluding the extreme cases (bus frequency 1 hour and distance less than a mile) ... So, you know, if some day you are waiting for the bus and you have the temptation of walking, you will be making an error according to the mathematics, although as Einstein says, when the Mathematics refer to the reality they aren´t true, and when they are true, they aren´t referred to the reality ... lOl

P.S. For your next birthday party do not forget to hire the authentic spider-man!

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