Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Eric Moussambani

Now that everybody talks about the Phelp's eight gold medals (his sponsor Speedo is gonna pay him 1 million $ for that) is time to remember that thing that happened in the 2000 olympic games in Sidney with Moussambani, the swimer from Equatorial Guinea.
Moussambani, got his world fame when he swam the 100m. free style in 112 seconds, more than the double than his rivals and even greater than the 200 world record. The guinean got to classify for the Olympic Games without haven the minimum required qualification marks thanks to the system, then designed to allow the participation of sportsmen from undeveloped countries.
In his heat he had the "fortune" that his two rivals got disqualified for false start, so he swam alone. It wasn't easy to complete the swim, since before to go to Sidney, he never had seen a 50m olympic pool. He used to train in a 22m hotel swimming pool. With some struggel he finished the 100m with all the cheering from the audience. REMARKABLE!!

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